2017 Nursing Awards of Excellence

Lifetime Achievement

Marion Ross, LPN

Marion has worked as an LPN for over thirty-five years. From the time she started in 1981 up until her retirement at the end of 2016, Marion worked across all areas of practice and was a respected leader amongst her colleagues who admired her dedication and commitment to high-quality patient care. With an understanding of the necessity of strong and well-organized professional advocacy, Marion joined the Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC (LPNABC) over thirty years ago and led a series of groups that advocated for changes to contracts for LPNs as well as providing health care submissions to various commissions that strengthened and highlighted the varied roles of LPNs across the health care system.

As part of the Health Employers Union Nursing Team, Marion advocated for stronger recognition for LPNs in B.C. and served as the LPNABC Recording Secretary from 1990-1994. She also served as an alternate to the Practical Nurses Association of Canada and ensured that the B.C. held AGMs were well attended and planned making sure that the LPN voice in B.C. was well-represented and heard. Marion then became the LPNABC education representative to the Articulation Committee as well as the representative to the Ministry of Advanced Education Committee for the Education of all Health Care providers over several terms. Additionally, Marion has served as a trustee to LPNABC, and in 2005 became 2nd Vice-President, returning to the role in 2011 and then becoming 1st Vice-President from 2014-2015. She played a pivotal role in revising the LPNABC Bylaws which helped to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

Marion volunteers hours of her time in supporting and mentoring LPNs across B.C. and Canada. Her devotion to her profession and her belief in the necessity of advocacy for the LPN role has not waned even in her retirement. She continues to champion the work and the important place that LPNs play in the health care system.