2017 Nursing Awards of Excellence

Excellence in Nursing Education

Catherine Overton, LPN

Catherine Overton registered as an LPN in 1981 when registering in B.C. was voluntary. Her leadership qualities have guided her in modeling high standards of practice as an LPN and in advocacy and education.

Early in her career, Catherine worked in long-term care. As one of the many LPNs who lost their positions in the mid-1980’s, Catherine embarked on an advocacy campaign that was designed to raise awareness of LPN practice She also joined associations and groups that were leading education around LPN competencies to ensure that the role and necessity of LPNs was understood and embedded clearly into the health care system.

In 1993 Catherine joined the Board of the BC Council of Licensed Practical Nurses and later the Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC (LPNABC). It was in this period that Catherine served as a strong influence in moving forward a provincial practical nursing curriculum as an acute care LPN.

In 1996 legislation was passed formalizing a regulatory college for LPNs in B.C., creating the College of Licensed Practical Nurses in BC (CLPNBC). Catherine became the first Deputy Registrar of Standards and Competencies in 1997 and was the first LPN to hold this position. During that time, she traveled throughout the province educating employers and nursing partners on the LPN Scope and Standards of Practice.

In 2003, she joined Vancouver Community College as a practical nursing instructor where she continues to work today. Her passion is in creating reality-based learning activities as well as helping students embrace and enjoy practical nursing. Recently she has been involved in multiple phases of the Nursing Community Assessment Service for Internationally Educated Practitioners Project. In 35 years of nursing, Catherine continues to inspire others through her advocacy and education.