2017 Nursing Awards of Excellence

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Nardia Brown, LPN

Nardia Brown has been an LPN for over 13 years. Her nursing experience ranges from acute care in a hospital setting where she worked as a float nurse on the surgical, medical and palliative units and on the regional acute spinal cord unit at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), to home and community care where she worked as a home care nurse, home health liaison, nursing supervisor and care manager for a long-term care residential facility.

For the last eight years of her nursing career, Nardia has worked in leadership and management both in the private and public health sector and has participated on several community practice committees where she advocated and assisted in developing practice guidelines to support LPN practice in home health. Recently, Nardia served as the Clinical Lead for Care with At Home Services where she managed the clinical service for community nurses and clients by developing process and standards that ensure quality care and best practice.

With a great passion for client centred care, Nardia’s dedication and focus on providing the best care possible makes her someone who “wears her heart on her sleeve”. She cares for others and has genuine concern and compassion for her colleagues and clients. Those who have had opportunity to work with her remark on her exemplary leadership skills and focus on ensuring that the needs of the client are at the forefront.
Most recently, Nardia has joined the First Nations Health Authority as the Wellness Nurse System Navigator where she works to support and empower First Nations community members to manage their health and wellness and assists them with navigating community resources that aid in health and wellness.

Outside of nursing, she is an active volunteer and board member for a community foundation that raises funds to provide financial assistance to national charitable organizations that support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer (LGBTQ) refugees and newcomers to live safely in Canada.