Brenda Childs LPN


Brenda Childs, LPNBrenda Childs, LPN

Term: 2016-2018

About me:
After working a variety of administrative/accounting/managerial positions for 20+ years I found myself unemployed in an area where jobs are not abundant and with 3 teenagers to support. I decided to take a leap and do what I’d always dreamed of…becoming a nurse! In 2005, when my kids were in Jr. High, I jumped in to the program. It was a very wise choice! I was offered a number of positions when I finished and so began the second phase of my life-long learning. I took a part-time position in Long Term Care and worked casual at two hospitals and another Extended Care facility. It didn’t take me long to realize that my best fit is with the elderly. I now work full time in a Complex Care building where I work mainly with dementia clients and spend a little time working in other areas as well.

Mentoring is a very big part of my commitment to LPNs, I often accept preceptorship students. I feel it is vital to becoming a ‘good nurse’ to have someone carefully and respectfully show someone how to begin to apply the knowledge they have worked so hard to obtain. Advocating for LPNs not only in our workplace but globally has become a very important part of my role, in my mind. I feel that I am able to do this through my involvement with LPNABC. I continue to be more excited about this profession every day thanks to those who are passionately involved. I look forward to working with this Board!