The LPNABC Executive Board would like to issue the following statement;

LPNABC, in consultation with a communication advisor, wanted to be respectful and take a period of reflection before we released a formal statement to our LPNABC membership and stakeholders.

Our intention was to first give time to both of the resignations to reflect as this was not foreseen or anticipated.  We respect both of the LPNABC board members in their decision to resign for individual reasons.  LPNABC Board has now formally accepted their resignations.

As in the past and in other organizations, change in leadership happens regularly and sometimes unexpectedly.  We are volunteers and we work hard to balance professional life with personal life but sometimes this doesn’t work as planned for various reasons.

LPNABC remains committed to continuing all the wonderful work that is detailed in our approved strategic plan.  The Association continues to build strong working relationships with government, employers and educators and has honored all meetings previously arranged.  The formation of the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations that is inclusive of LPNABC is a strong demonstration that we are and will continue to represent LPNs in BC.

LPNABC Executive Board is proud to be part of the upcoming July 15th event. Please see for details and watch our own website for news of continuing efforts.

LPNABC members are welcome to provide comments, feedback and suggestion to the LPNABC board.


LPN’s in Mental Health too

Here is the letter we sent to BCNU regarding their recent E-Bulletin regarding Mental Health Strategy and workshops – advocating for LPN’s

Letter to BCNU from the LPNABC

Reply from BCNU:

Thank you for your letter. The eNews announcement was incorrect. LPNs, RNs and RPNs with mental health experience are all very welcome to apply to participate in the 16 workshops BCNU is hosting with a view to developing a position paper on the Mental Healthcare system in BC that is truly informed by the frontline nurse. BCNU values the work of LPNs in mental health and we would welcome their participation. A corrected version of this bulletin will be circulated as soon as possible. I apologise for any distress this may have caused.

Catherine Fast
Project Manager for Mental Health Strategy
BC Nurses’ Union

From the President’s Pen

September 11th, 2013

Building momentum and advocating for the optimization and utilization of LPNs in British Columbia.

This summer the executive board members of the LPNABC have been busy in meetings with the Association of Registered Nurses of BC, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC, the College of Registered Nurses of BC, and the BC Nurses Union. LPNABC is also looking forward to our upcoming meetings with CLPNBC and senior leadership from the Ministry of Health.
LPNABC also launched its second survey this year. This survey evaluates the understanding of  the new language of Clinical Directions/Orders and provides the LPNABC with valuable evidence of the understanding & opinions of LPNs on this subject. This survey will close at the end of September and LPNABC will then assess the data and publish a report.
In addition to advocating for the optimization and utilization of Licensed Practical Nurses in BC, LPNABC has been steadily working towards transitioning to a regional model and we are achieving our goals within the timeline of our 2013-2014 Strategic Plan. Our Legislation and Bylaws Committee is drafting revisions to the LPNABC bylaws, policies, and procedures to support this new model and these changes will be brought to the membership by the end of this year. We are also looking forward to announcing the appointment of LPNABC Regional Representatives in the coming months. These changes to the framework will ensure LPNABC members are supported and engaged in each region in the province as well as to increase the representation and activity of the regions in the ongoing business of the Association. If you are interested in a position on a committee in any way, please contact us. We would love to have your support & ideas. Stay tuned to the LPNABC website for further news and updates.

At the CLPNBC Annual General Meeting June 5th, 2013, LPNs showed overwhelming support for Resolution 2013-01 by passing the resolution by majority in a secret ballot vote. It is with regret LPNABC learned September 9th, 2013 that although the resolution was passed as a strong recommendation to the CLPNBC board, the board members have decided not to pass the resolution. LPNABC continues to remain hopeful and continues to work with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC and the CLPNBC Executive Board members.

2013 started out with a commitment from the LPNABC board to advocate for the professional recognition, optimization and utilization of LPNs in BC and they have worked tirelessly throughout this year towards that mandate. The flurry of meetings, communications, surveys, and member outreach initiatives continues to build momentum for LPN advocacy in this province. The continuation of this important work continues to ensure the voices of LPNs in BC are heard through their professional advocacy body – the Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC – today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Michelle Devia, LPN
President, Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC