LPNABC is proud to announce that CLPNBC has agreed to merge with other nursing regulatory bodies into one nursing regulatory college.  LPNABC has been a strong advocate for LPNs to be recognized as nurses and are partners within the nursing family as one profession.  This is a wonderful movement forward for LPNs to be part of the merger which was announced by CRNBC & CRPNBC in March 2016.

LPNABC in concert with BC Coalition of Nursing Associations has written the colleges and provided consultation to Minister of Health.  The strength in having one nursing regulatory body in BC with well formed nursing associations will serve the public and the nursing profession better through collaboration and in consultation between the two entities.

LPNABC main strategic plan was to advocate for the full optimization and utilization of the LPNs within the nursing family through clarity of the profession and how LPNs can work alongside the RN, RPN and NP using the full scope of practice.  We feel that this will best be served by having common language that is key for health care professionals to best serve the public.

Thank you to all involved in making the right choice and being a collaborative team for nursing in BC.

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CRNBC: college


Business Case Report:

LPNABC brings update re: Exploring the formation of one nursing regulator in B.C.

CRNBC continues to explore opportunities for collaboration with CRPNBC and CLPNBC. The three colleges have retained WMC consultancy to do a preliminary business case study that explores the formation of one nursing regulator in B.C., while retaining each nursing discipline. The purpose is to obtain more information to determine if one nursing regulator makes financial and regulatory sense. The report, expected to be completed in early 2016, will serve as a starting point for more discussions.  If we go further down this road, CRNBC is committed to consulting stakeholders and providing timely updates.

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Red Cross Ebola Webinar

RedCrossThe Canadian Red Cross will hold National Ebola webinars in February to provide insight into our continuous fight against Ebola and to share the experience of Canadian professionals who have recently returned from mission.

This will also be an invaluable opportunity to highlight the type of professionals we are still seeking and on how to apply.

With a click anyone interested to attend can register for either of the following sessions:

English Webinars:
Tuesday February 10th – 1pm to 2.30pm EST [English live version]
Wednesday, February 11th – 7pm to 8.30pm EST [English replayed version]
Saturday, February 14th – 9am to 10.30am EST [English replayed version]

Red Cross Ebola Connect

Conference & RPNAO Executive Director

LPNABC is proud to be having RPNAO Executive Director Dianne Martin speaking at our 2014 Conference where she will bring the following highlights to BC:
  • Discuss Practical Nurses scope of practice in Ontario and what is happening across Canada from their perspective
  • Detail the importance of Licensed Practical Nurses to the health care team, what is working well in Ontario and how
  • Speak to the importance of having an Association for each profession
  • Identify the key points of having one college for all nurses – College of Nurses in Ontario CNO)
  • Talk about Liability Insurance that is held by the Associations in other provinces
Recently CNO elected a RPN (LPN in BC) as President of the college of nurses. Here is the link to this exciting announcement. 
Register now for our Conference April 28th, seats are reserved & limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear Dianne speak so register today!