LPNABC Executive Position Recruitment (Secretary)

Congratulations to Richelle Drinovz who was nominated and accepted the position of

President for a second 2 year term for LPNABC.  The current board was pleased with the outcome as Richelle Drinovz, has worked hard in the last two years as the President and she is committed to supporting LPNs in BC through her dedication in her profession and also as the President re-elect for 2012 – 2014.

If you have been wanting to become active in your profession, please join LPNABC and become a member of the board.  The Association is actively recruiting for:

  • Secretary (2 year term)

Becoming a member of a board is a great way to develop leadership skills and competencies that are recognized on your resume for future employment.

* Passed – Amendment – LPN Regulation – Nurse Practitioners to give orders to LPNs


LPNABC has submitted a comment in supporting the full utilization. 

Ministry of Health had posted an announcement of a pending “Amendment”  to Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation, B.C. 283/2008 HPA.

If the amendment is passed LPN’s scope of practice will then be able to take “direction or orders” from Nurse Practitioners. 

The closing date for submissions was November 1, 2011.  LPNABC submitted a comment regarding the need for clarity re: definition of “order” and who is legally responsible for the order given.  Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have advanced practice within their regulatory body.  The current legislative language for LPNs states “under supervision of Registered Nurse” which has been further defined being “clinical guidance”  only.  The RN is not responsible or accountable for assignment of nursing services provided by the Licensed Practical Nurse.   

LPNABC is supportive of this amendment for NP’s as they have the further education and regulatory language to support this additional skill (giving direction/orders) to other health care providers such as LPNs.  NP’s in British Columbia maintain their own practice and client population and LPNs are working increasing areas of collaborative practice providing nursing services under the NP’s guidance.

LPNABC looks forward to the amendment with the distinction between RN and Advanced Practitioners (Nurse Practitioner).

It is important for LPNs to know of changes to their regulation and that they have the right to post comments. 

Please go to website:  http://www.health.gov.bc.ca/professional-regulation/notices.html