Nurse Family Partnership – Healthy Beginnings

BC Nurse Family Partnership-power point presentation

This new initiative that is beginning in January 2012, it is important for all health care providers to knowledgeable and support all of the upcoming changes to the BC health care system in providing the best care for the public. 

Licensed Practical Nurses are part of the health care providers and can be part of this solution.  As we have heard Registered Nurses working in the Public Health sector have been asked to not increase their numbers but to take on new roles.  “Healthy Beginnings” is a new role for the Public Health RN’s and the quandary will be how will they maintain all of the existing services? 

LPNABC would like to explore with BC government on how LPNs in BC could also be part of the team and support the Nurse Family Partnership initiative.  LPNABC would like to hear from you!



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