LPNABC “In Touch” Summer Newsletter 2012

LPNABC Newsletter July 2012 – General Edition

The “Members Only”  Edition has been emailed to you.  If you have not received it please let us know and we will send it to you electronically or by mail.

Please contact LPNABC Editor for your copy: info@lpnabc.ca

 We feel it is so important to give something special to our members and provide more reasons to come and join the LPN Association.  The LPNABC Board Executive has been meeting monthly and planning many innovative projects to engage with the membership.  The first is the recent LPN Survey, to which we have had a good response.  The next step will be holding a town hall session to discuss what you think about your LPN regulations


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Staffing Mix Framework: http://www2.cna-aiic.ca/CNA/documents/pdf/publications/Staff_Mix_Framework_2012_e.pdf

Canadian Association of Practical Nurse Educators – 2012 Conference in Victoria, BC


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CLPNBC Resolutions – What is this all about?

The Association response to a letter posted on the LPN Cafe Website (June 6th, 2012) regarding the recent CLPNBC AGM, and the passing of resolutions. 

The Association has not been contacted for comment. 

 We would invite all LPNs to contact the Association and learn how we represent LPN Profession Practice at many forums such as Articulation Meetings about your education, regulatory meeting and ministry pertaining to LPN scope of practice.  The Association is collaborating with other associations such as ARNBC, CNA, GNABC and many more to discuss collaborative nursing practice.   LPNABC has been the official and legal advocacy body under the Society Act, since 1951. 

The LPN Association abides by the CLPNBC Bylaws Section 36 (1), (2).  The association submitted two resolutions 60 days in advance, which were sent to every LPN registrant in BC.   The college adhered to the democratic process and a quorum was officially declared by the Parliamentarian at the CLPNBC AGM on May 23rd, 2012 and the official business was conducted.

The LPN Association agrees with the comment that LPNs need to become more involved in their profession and regulatory bodies.  The Association was also anticipating a larger participation at the AGM. The registrants that were in attendance were engaged in a robust debate regarding the resolutions which was passed by a majority vote.

The LPN Association welcomes all LPNs as members regardless of any union affiliation.  Our mandate is:

“LPNABC promotes professional excellence and life long learning with strength through a unified voice representing the LPNs of BC”

The current LPNABC Board is committed to LPN professional practice and excellence.  The board is advocating for LPNs professional practice in our province.  We are continuing the vision of the women that formed the LPNABC in 1951.

LPNABC presented two resolutions at the CLPNBC AGM.  Please read the following resolutions that were passed and now at the CLPNBC Board for consideration.

 Resolution-CLPNBC collecting fund agent for LPNABC 2012

Resolution – Annual General Meeting – Resolutions from the floor- 2012

LPNABC would like to thank everyone that particpated at the CLPNBC AGM and supported these important resolutions.  We look forward to the board serious consideration of the passed resolution to ensure all LPNs are represented by the LPN Association of BC.