Honouring long-time LPN Educator June Mackie, RN

June Mackie, RN

On behalf of the LPNABC Board of Directors, we are delighted to recognize June Mackie, RN who has taught in LPN programs in B.C. for 22 years. June’s work exemplifies collaboration between RNs and LPNs. Thank you June for your years of dedication to the nursing profession!

June Mackie graduated from the University of Calgary RN program in 1957. She began teaching in the LPN program at Vancouver Community College (VCC) in 1974, retiring from there in 1996. In class or after class she was often feted with lovely cards and the occasional keepsake. At the VCC downtown campus, she taught classes two days per week and in hospitals for the rest of the week (at George Pearson, Lions Gate and other venues). Now 82, June would frequently run into licensed practical nurses (LPNs) she taught while visiting her husband Robert (of 40 years) at the George Derby veterans residential care home (before he passed away in March 2016). June’s 22 years of teaching and her dedication to the LPN profession show an exemplary collaborative association between RNs and LPNs.

Read June’s biography on the CNA site.

Shared with permission from the Canadian Nurses Association.