History of Licensed Practical Nurses in B.C.

Did you ever wonder if Licensed Practical Nurses had a National Association? 

Answer: Yes,  LPN’s across Canada had establised a National Association in 1974.  It was originally called “Canadian Practical Nurses Association (CPNA)” then it changed it’s name in 2006 to “Practical Nurses Canada (PN Canada)” .

LPNABC has been a member since it was establised in 1974.  We remain one of the existing members and recently have been working with the other member Registered Practical Nurses Association in Ontario (RPNAO) to reorganize and establish as we have a great need for a national voice as well as provincial. 

Please read the CPNA – PN Canada:  Canadian Practical Nurse Association-history

Learn the rich history about Licensed Practical Nurses across Canada and in BC.  It is so important to know your profession and the contribution LPNs have made towards todays nursing models.

LPNABC Conference Report – Complete History of LPNs in BC

Celebrating 61 Years of the Licensed Practical Nurses Association

LPNABC AGM – April 16, 2012 – Florence Wilson Family and BC History of Nursing Society attending the induction of BC’s 1st Registrants artifacts

Janet and Stan (son & daughter) of Florence Wilson and Marjory Ralston, Chair of BC History of Nursing Society accepting the artifacts at the LPNABC AGM

April 16, 2012, Chilliwack BC



 Timeline (LPN History) (PDF Version)