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LPN Articles of Interest

BC Government Health Policy Papers

CIHI Nurses Summary
CIHI Nursing Workforce

RPNAO All About Synergies Understanding the Role of the RPN in Ontario’s Health Care System

BC Seniors Advocate Report Fall 2014

Ministry of Health; Professional Regulation – Licensed Practical Nurses
(this site is where all postings re: regulation and CLPNBC bylaws)

Regulated Nurses in Canada: Trends of Licensed Practical Nurses 2007 (PDF)

Workforce Trends for Licensed Practical Nurses in Canada 2006 (PDF)

A Review of Proposed Entry-Level Competencies for Licensed Practical Nurses in British Columbia (PDF)

Effectively Utilizing LPN’s & Care Aides in BC
Effectively_Utilizing_LPN_Care_Aide_Report.pdf (PDF)

Effectively Utilizing LPN’s & Care Aides: Follow Up Report
BCs LPNs and CA FU Report FINAL Jan 28, 2010 (PDF)

Operating Room Licensed Practical Nurses In BC – Working Copy October 2005
OR_LPN_Implementation_Resource_Guide.pdf (PDF)

Our Health Our Future: Creating Quality Workplaces for Canadian Nurses