Why Join your Association

lpnjobsTop Reasons to Join LPNABC

  1. LPNABC will lobby the Provincial Government to provide input on all policies, regulations and other matters that affect LPN professional practice on behalf of our members.
  2. LPNABC will advocate for enhanced delivery of the PN Program by working with the colleges, universities, Ministry of Advanced Education and PCTIA (Private College Technical Institutes Association)
  3. LPNABC will advocate for the development of specialty programs in BC with training in BC educational institutes (eg: Perioperative, Geriatric Nursing, Maternity)
  4. LPNABC will advocate for our professional status by working and meeting with employers to allocate LPN’s to utilize their full scope of work.
  5. LPNABC will construct and link relationships with LPNs and other stake holders (i.e. Unions and Colleges)
  6. LPNABC has established an Education Fund by committing a portion of your membership fees to this fund. The distribution to members will be done by an application process and annual announcements at the LPNABC AGM.

LPNABC Member Benefits

There are many benefits for membership and reasons why all LPNs in BC should be a member of their professional advocacy body – LPNABC. Here are just a few:

  • Your voice is heard; we advocate on behalf of our members to the Government, College and other key stakeholders on all matters pertaining to Licensed Practical Nurses in BC.
  • Members get access to educational opportunities and the LPNABC education fund.
  • The Association decreased the membership fees as of 2012 to only $30 per year to show appreciation to the members.
  • Members receive regular e-newsletters with important news and events.
  • Your membership gives you access to great resources in the Members Only portal on the LPNABC website.
  • Your membership gives you voting rights at General Meetings of the Association.
  • Members get access to exclusive surveys and contests to win prizes.
  • Your LPNABC membership receipt is tax deductible.
  • The work of the LPNABC is supported by your membership. We need your support if we are going to make a difference in LPN practice in the coming years.
  • Membership in PN Canada.
  • Being a member of LPNABC gives you networking and mentoring opportunities with other LPNs from across the province and nationally.

Become a Member

What Does the LPNABC Do?

Our role is clear through our mandate and missions statements on the LPNABC official website.

Please have a look at our recent newsletters to learn about what we’re working on for our members.