* Meet our New Board Members – Jag Tak, Executive Secretary

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Jag is a well-respected licensed practical nurse with fifteen years (1996-2010) of medical, surgical, emergency and community based rehabilitation experience.  He has 5 years’ experience (2008-2013) in curriculum designing, developing, planning, implementing and instructing in Health Sciences programming for a private Health Care College.  Since 2010, Jag is working as a Practice Education Manager for a private Health Care College.

Jag’s experience with committees such as the BC Care Providers Senior Care Human Resource Sector and their Communications subcommittee has provided him with great insight on the collaborative practice between vast leaders in the healthcare industry.

Jag’s passion and dedication is about education, leadership, serving and protecting the public.  He is extremely hard working; honest, reliable, loyal and very committed to everything he sets out to do.  He presents a strong work ethic and always works with integrity.  Jag is someone that inspires positive change by challenging the process through suggestions and/or actions that lead to positive change in the processes, policies, efficiency, and productivity within the place of employment.  He is a results driven person who is highly organized.  He is known for setting goals and action plans.  As a communicator, he is authentic, empathetic and direct with his message.

Jag is a lifelong learner.  He constantly strives to attend workshops, conferences, forums, and education related courses, along with volunteering his time to various community initiatives.   Jag will be advocating for and promoting the licensed practical nurse profession, through his term as secretary of LPNABC.

Nursing community call to action on July 15th in Vancouver, BC

BCCNA Coalition with Minister Lake - July 15th 2015
A collaborative approach to improving BC’s health system
Thank you to all of the LPNs, who attended the Nursing community call to action:
A collaborative approach to improving BC’s health system
. The Forum was an unparalleled success, and a historic occasion in British Columbia, marking the first time that all four professional nursing groups and nursing educators met together for discussion, innovation and advancement of the nursing profession as a whole. Particular thanks to Minister Terry Lake and his senior staff team – Lynn Stevenson (Associate Deputy Minister), Ted Patterson (Assistant Deputy Minister Health Sector Workforce Division) and Kevin Brown (Executive Director, Workforce Management and Planning Branch), for their participation and engagement throughout the day.

Stay tuned for a formal report out from the day coming in the next few weeks.

The LPNABC Executive Board would like to issue the following statement;

LPNABC, in consultation with a communication advisor, wanted to be respectful and take a period of reflection before we released a formal statement to our LPNABC membership and stakeholders.

Our intention was to first give time to both of the resignations to reflect as this was not foreseen or anticipated.  We respect both of the LPNABC board members in their decision to resign for individual reasons.  LPNABC Board has now formally accepted their resignations.

As in the past and in other organizations, change in leadership happens regularly and sometimes unexpectedly.  We are volunteers and we work hard to balance professional life with personal life but sometimes this doesn’t work as planned for various reasons.

LPNABC remains committed to continuing all the wonderful work that is detailed in our approved strategic plan.  The Association continues to build strong working relationships with government, employers and educators and has honored all meetings previously arranged.  The formation of the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations that is inclusive of LPNABC is a strong demonstration that we are and will continue to represent LPNs in BC.

LPNABC Executive Board is proud to be part of the upcoming July 15th event. Please see www.bccna.com for details and watch our own website for news of continuing efforts.

LPNABC members are welcome to provide comments, feedback and suggestion to the LPNABC board.

Email: lpnabcboard@lpnabc.ca