LPNABC Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Health

LPNABC submitted a consultation supporting LPNs in BC response:

The all-party Select Standing Committee on Health is seeking information on how to ensure the quality and sustainability of our province’s health care system. The Committee previously held public consultations in 2014-2015 and is inviting new input in response to the following questions:
• How can we improve health and health care services in rural British Columbia? What long-term solutions can address the challenges of recruitment and retention of health care professionals in
rural British Columbia?
• How can we create a cost-effective system of primary and community care built around
interdisciplinary teams?
• How can we enhance the effectiveness of addiction recovery programs?

LPNABC Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Health – July 29 2016

Welcome to our newest member to the LPNABC Board

Jen Gill_Headshot Welcome Jennifer Gill, Secretary LPNABC!

Jennifer Gill is a new graduate from the PN Program and now working in acute care.  She has embraced her professional association as a PN Student and continued to be involved upon graduation.  We want to welcome Jennifer to our team of LPNs leading LPNs professional practice through LPNABC.

Here is her biography:  Prior to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse, I earned my Associate of Arts Degree in 2007 and worked for a private, start-up company for 6 years doing pre-employment screening and product development. I had always felt that I was meant to do something else, and in 2013 I took a leap of faith and applied for the PN program. With my young son as my cheerleader, I embraced the challenge of the program and a new career! I graduated from the PN Program in February 2015 and then in May 2015 I began working with Fraser Health Authority in the Medicine Program at Surrey Memorial Hospital.
While I am new to the Licensed Practical Nurse profession, I have always felt that it is important to be as involved as possible, in whatever ways are possible. Because of that, I chose to become a student member of LPNABC in 2014 while I was in the PN Program. After the AGM in 2016 I opted to become a Member at Large for the Association, believing that I could put my enthusiasm to learn to good use. Joining the Provincial Board is a challenge that I am excited to face, and believe wholeheartedly in what we as a profession are capable of accomplishing. I look forward to joining an amazing group to further advocate and help us develop an even stronger voice for all LPNs in British Columbia.


LPNABC is proud to announce that CLPNBC has agreed to merge with other nursing regulatory bodies into one nursing regulatory college.  LPNABC has been a strong advocate for LPNs to be recognized as nurses and are partners within the nursing family as one profession.  This is a wonderful movement forward for LPNs to be part of the merger which was announced by CRNBC & CRPNBC in March 2016.

LPNABC in concert with BC Coalition of Nursing Associations has written the colleges and provided consultation to Minister of Health.  The strength in having one nursing regulatory body in BC with well formed nursing associations will serve the public and the nursing profession better through collaboration and in consultation between the two entities.

LPNABC main strategic plan was to advocate for the full optimization and utilization of the LPNs within the nursing family through clarity of the profession and how LPNs can work alongside the RN, RPN and NP using the full scope of practice.  We feel that this will best be served by having common language that is key for health care professionals to best serve the public.

Thank you to all involved in making the right choice and being a collaborative team for nursing in BC.

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