Importance of the Professional Association

Importance of the professional association – By Claude Balthazard PhD

“Becoming a member of a professional association is not like subscribing to a magazine, it is a career choice. It is part of what being a professional is all about. It may sound old-school to some, but being a professional is important to most who have chosen to become professionals. This professional identity begins with joining your professional association.

Whether you’re working to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher or HR professional, there are elements of all professions that one simply cannot learn in school. As a student, becoming a member of, and participating in, your professional association is one way to accelerate your learning of the ropes.

As a member of a professional association, one becomes a member of a special community. For example, the human resources (HR) community is quite diverse, but there is something that all members have in common and that is a passion for HR. Becoming a member of your professional association is the best way of connecting with others who share this same passion.
Becoming a member of a professional association is also more than just belonging—it is not only about what you can get from your association but also what you can give back to the profession.

Professional associations are more than ‘clubs’ based on common interests, they are self-governing bodies. As a member of a professional association one becomes part of the governance of the association.

Professional associations play an important role in society. In Canada, the model for professional regulation is self-regulation. This means that all important decisions concerning members of the profession or those who would become members of the profession are made by members of the profession. The whole system of professional regulation depends on professionals getting involved and contributing to the regulation of their profession. Without this participation, self-regulation simply could not work. There is also a certain amount of self-interest in participation in professional regulation. A profession’s practitioners share a brand—be it the accounting brand, the engineer brand or the HR professional brand. Whenever professionals fail to live up to professional standards, the reputation of the profession is diminished somewhat. By joining your professional association, you begin to assume your responsibilities as a professional.”

What’s up??

Wonder what the LPNABC has been up to lately??

April 28 – LPNABC Conference and AGM
April 30 – Tele Conference regarding May 12
May 12 – Launch of National Nurses Week at the BC Legislature, meeting with Minister of Health, Honourable Dr. Terry Lake, Judy Darcy, MLA, Official Opposition Health Critic and Andrew Weaver, MLA, Independent.
May 13 – Proclamation for LPN Day
May 20 – Tele Conference with CNA
LPNABC Executive Board Meeting
May 25/26 – BC Care Providers Annual Conference – panelist and exhibitor table

and June brings -
June 2-4 – BCNPA Conference and AGM
June 5 – ARNBC AGM
June 11 – CLPNBC AGM
June 16-18 – CNA Biennial Winnipeg
Monthly Executive Board Meeting

:) We are working hard for BC LPN’s. This does not include the numerous emails, phone calls and letters that are sent out supporting LPN’s in BC

Legislature and more

On Monday May 12, 2014 a group of 22 nurses came together with a united voice to meet with the BC Government at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. The Health Minister, the Honourable Terry Lake, met with a group of 8 nurses. This group was made up of two LPN’s,two RN’s, two RPN’s and two NP’s. The other group of nurses met with the MoH staff in a more informal setting.There of course were photo opportunities. We later had the opportunity to meet with Health Critic Judy Darcy. Then we were invited by Independent MLA Andrew Weaver so that he could learn more about the collective concerns of our group.

We then watched the afternoon session of the Legislature where greetings to all BC nurses were made by Minister Lake, the Health Critic Judy Darcy and two member statements were read about the importance of nursing. It was a great day of collaboration and advocacy.

The LPNABC has made a commitment to the others in this group to continue meeting collaboratively and to bring a strong unified voice to nursing involvement in the BC healthcare system. We are part of a nursing family with over 56,000 voices. Our thanks to the ARNBC who made this kick off to National Nursing Week possible.


May 12, 2014 Summary of Events

Your LPN Association continuing to be your voice.

Nursing Week May 12-18

The LPNABC is excited to be a part of the launch Nursing Week 2014 at the B.C. Legislature. On Monday May 12th we will be a part of 22 nurses from all four nursing professions (RN, LPN, RPN & NP) together in Victoria where we will participate in a roundtable discussion with Minister Lake, observe the Legislative session (including the reading of a Private Member’s Statement on the importance of nursing), enjoy a meet-and-greet with the Minister and staff, and spend an hour in conversation with Judy Darcy, the Health Critic for the Official Opposition.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates on this important and historic nursing event!

LPN Day 2014 Proclamation

Conference & RPNAO Executive Director

LPNABC is proud to be having RPNAO Executive Director Dianne Martin speaking at our 2014 Conference where she will bring the following highlights to BC:
  • Discuss Practical Nurses scope of practice in Ontario and what is happening across Canada from their perspective
  • Detail the importance of Licensed Practical Nurses to the health care team, what is working well in Ontario and how
  • Speak to the importance of having an Association for each profession
  • Identify the key points of having one college for all nurses – College of Nurses in Ontario CNO)
  • Talk about Liability Insurance that is held by the Associations in other provinces
Recently CNO elected a RPN (LPN in BC) as President of the college of nurses. Here is the link to this exciting announcement. 
Register now for our Conference April 28th, seats are reserved & limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear Dianne speak so register today!