Red Cross Ebola Webinar

RedCrossThe Canadian Red Cross will hold National Ebola webinars in February to provide insight into our continuous fight against Ebola and to share the experience of Canadian professionals who have recently returned from mission.

This will also be an invaluable opportunity to highlight the type of professionals we are still seeking and on how to apply.

With a click anyone interested to attend can register for either of the following sessions:

English Webinars:
Tuesday February 10th – 1pm to 2.30pm EST [English live version]
Wednesday, February 11th – 7pm to 8.30pm EST [English replayed version]
Saturday, February 14th – 9am to 10.30am EST [English replayed version]

Red Cross Ebola Connect

System Change for Seniors Care forum

A forum with BC’s Ombudsperson and new Seniors Advocate, and opportunity to strategize about how we can secure major improvements to fractured and inadequate services.

Seniors Forum Poster Feb 6, 2015


Hear from Isobel Mackenzie, BC’s new Seniors Advocate, about her plans to monitor and advocate for better services.
Hear from Kim Carter, BC’s Ombudsperson, about her office’s ongoing role in monitoring the government’s response to her recommendations on seniors care.
Ask the Advocate and Ombudsperson questions, and share your ideas and priorities with them
Support seniors, advocates, and seniors-serving organizations to have a voice in provincial and federal policy issues.
Participate in workshops, learn more the specific issues you care about, and strategize together about how to make seniors services better.


Seniors and people of all ages who want a voice in their future
Service providers, caregivers, community organizations or others who work directly with seniors
Organizations representing service providers or seniors care workers
Advocates, researchers and policy makers

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Ebola Conversations

The LPNABC continues to attend weekly teleconference meetings with the Ministry of Health staff and other stakeholders around Ebola. We hear directly from the BC Ministry of Health, along with updates Nationally, and locally, including public health and community updates. We also have an opportunity to be heard at a round table discussion for questions and answers from these clinical experts. It is expected that these meetings will continue for at least the coming year as Canadian healthcare workers return from volunteering in areas dealing with Ebola.

We are just one of many professional associations present and representing their members.

These meetings include Ministry of Health, Association of Registered Nurses of BC, Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC, Midwives Association of BC, BC Nurse Practitioners Association, BC Health Sciences Association, BC Association of Chiefs of Police, BC Professional Fire Fighters Association, Fire Chiefs’ Association of BC, BC Volunteer Firefighters Association, BC Professional Association of Residents of BC,

College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, BC Nurses Union,
College of Registered Nurses of BC, BC Government & Services Employees Union,
College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC, Hospital Employees Union,
College of Pharmacists of BC, College of Dental Surgeons of BC, Ambulance Paramedics of BC,
EMA Licensing Board/Branch, Doctors of BC, Canadian Union of Public Employees BC,
Health Professions Regulators of BC (through CRNBC representative), BC Emergency Health Services, Office of the Fire Commissioner, RCMP (E Division), Emergency Management BC, Ministry of Justice, E-COMM

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