Happy Holiday greetings to all of you!

With deepest gratitude from LPNABC, we extend our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and all the best in the coming New Year.

We wanted to give you an update on the advocacy work LPNABC has done throughout 2017 in our ongoing efforts to recognize the work of B.C.’s fantastic and hard-working LPNs.

In 2017 LPNABC attended over 50 meetings, conferences and AGMs working hard to bring the voice of LPNs to senior leadership in nursing and within government. We continued to participate on the Board of Directors with the BC Coalition of Nursing Associations (BCCNA), and we were also delighted to celebrate four LPN Nursing Award winners at the Nursing Awards of Excellence on November 17th.

LPNABC is also very pleased that Bill 10 was passed, giving way through legislation to create a new “One Nursing College“. This merger and the upcoming amalgamation of all nursing associations called Nurses and Nurse Practitioner of BC (NNPBC) leads us into 2018 with ground-breaking work that is being watched with great interest across Canada.

We encourage you to learn more about the NNPBC and join us as we host a series of consultations both online and in person into the New Year. An online survey has also been developed to allow you to offer your feedback on this exciting new association. We are excited to connect with nurses across B.C. about this new nursing association!

LPNABC is looking forward to the immense changes coming for LPNs in 2018, changes which will allow for greater recognition and advocacy for the work we do. We are hopeful for an exciting new future for us all!

We also want recognize that many LPNs work over the holidays and for that we thank you for continuing to help keep British Columbians safe and healthy. A heartfelt thanks to our members, new and continuing, and our fantastic student members. Without your support, LPNABC would not be able to do the work we do. Whether you’re working or not, we hope the spirit of the season and peace, love, hope and joy help you forget your troubles as you celebrate with family and let out a “YAY, it’s a holiday again!” cheer!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,
Anita, Jennifer, Michael, Brenda and Leah – your LPNABC Board of Directors

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